How to Learn coding: Places to learn programming languages

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I want to share some places where you can learn programming on your time. There are many different programming courses where you can learn some coding and become an expert.

SoftUni is a place where you can learn programming. Recently they started to lead some free lesson and some of their professional programs in English. In May 2020 have begun to learn programming with them at They may be located in Bulgaria, but their lecture is accessing on Online Live Stream, which they record and upload on their website later. You can receive an answer to any question you have during the lecture on their chat channel. If you want to learn some Java or JavaScript in English, you can go to, or in case you are fluent in Bulgarian, there are a lot more Online courses at

Pluralsight: I have started to learn coding on this platform, where you can find courses in different programming languages like C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML5 and more. Pluralsight could be a place where you can grow your career by getting a certificate.

Treehouse: is also a place to learn to program, which is the best online coding courses from beginners to advanced level. The treehouse platform has an excellent advantage. If you need support, you can ask for help in the Treehouse Community.

Udemy: It is a platform that contains courses divided into different categories. So some of that course you will be able to learn to code in different languages like:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • C#
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python

Codecademy: You will learn coding through a series of lessons and explore different programming languages. You can learn to think like a developer and gain new skills. Also, by following a career path, you can enrol on some of the Codecademy Pro courses that are most popular, like Front-End Engineer or Full-Stack Engineer.

Codeop: On this site, you can learn the programming fundamentals. You can access Bootcamps to help you become a Full Stack Developer or Join Online Coding Workshops. The workshops cover the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, command line and Git. This platform also has the same incredible feature similar to Treehouse, a Community, which can support you during your journey learning to code.


On those platforms, there are many paid courses, but some on Udemy are for free. Comparing those platforms with one another, probably the ones that I recommend you to go for are Softuni, Pluralsight and Treehouse. So start learning now.

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~ Stasi



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